Payment Plan

Option Choices

Option 1: $1650.00 (one-time payment)

Option 2: $1700.00 (two-time payment)

Option 3: $1715.00 (three-time payment)

Option 4: $1730.00 (four-time payment)

Option 5: $1750.00 (five-time payment)

Payment Dates

9/21: 1st Payment & Half of Add. Costs

10/19: 2nd Payment & Half of Add. Costs

11/16: 3rd Payment

12/14: 4th Payment

1/13: Final Payment

Additional Costs

* Player Pack: $650.00

(includes S/S shirt, L/S shirt, Hoodie, Sweats, Shorts, Pinney, Polo, Bag, and Gloves)

Helmet: $220.00

* Uniform Pack: $300.00

Payment Methods

Check/Cashier's Check/Money Order

(Made out to Board of Regents)

(Player Name in Memo)

All payments are non-refundable once paid. If there is a surplus at the end of the season greater than $1250.00 (summer expenditures) , the remaining surplus will be redistributed to the remaining full-paying players.

*Price has not been finalized and is over-budgeted for the mean time

2019-20 Season Slideshow

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